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Chemistry and LaTeX with mhchem

There is a LaTeX package called mhchem available that makes typesetting chemical equations a lot easier. Sure, you could be lazy and type it all out in math mode like this (sorry, I don’t know much chemistry yet):

[text{C}_6text{H}_{12}text{O}_6 + 6text{O}_2 xrightarrow{text{heat}} 6text{CO}_2 + 6text{H}_2text{O}]

or in text mode:

C$_6$H$_{12}$O$_6$ + 6O$_2 xrightarrow{text{heat}}$ 6CO$_2$ + 6H$_2$O

But that’s ridiculous. Writing it is a pain, and fonts become inconsistent (math vs. normal text). With the mhchem package, however, I can do this:

[ce{C6H12O6 + 6O2 ->[text{heat}] 6CO2 + 6H2O}]

Thank you Martin Hensel, who developed this!



Anki is a flashcard program written in PyQT. I found it about two weeks (?) ago mentioned on PlanetKDE, and it’s helped a lot with my Japanese. Apparently, Anki (which, by the way, means “memorization” in Japanese) is a “spaced repetition system,” and it schedules my cards intelligently. For example, if it shows me a flashcard for 「赤い」, meaning “red,” it would, after a few minutes, show me the reverse card “red.” (to which I would recall 「赤い」.) Of course, harder cards show up more often, and they’re marked for review the next day. Anki even graphs my progress (I haven’t yet figured out how to read the graphs, though). Other features include [flashcard] deck synchronization with the Anki server for backup and easy sharing with friends.

Oh yeah, and this is available on Linux, Mac, and Windows. :)