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Math Club

My (regionally) high (they’re not high) AMC and AIME scores caught the attention of a group of students at Canadian Academy, where I took the tests. One of them contacted me a few weeks ago, and I’ve been joining them in their unofficial 3-hour meetings every Saturday since.

Actually, I will probably not be going anymore, as the Purple Comet! Math Meet contest was today, and it takes me nearly three hours just to get there and back. With summer break approaching, they are adjourning until next year.

But verily, what they did was great. Canadian Academy currently does not have an official math club, but they have been getting together every weekend, three hours at a time without an adult supervisor, for seven months. I think the persistence is admirable.

I put together a practice Purple Comet test for them last Saturday using problems from the AMCs and some that I made myself. Fortunately, they liked it. I’ve always wanted to help teach math in some way (and I respect and admire many, many AoPS users for doing just that). It’s a start. Maybe I’ll start my own club when I get back to the states?

Anyway, thanks for inviting me to join your club, guys!


2009 AIME I

The 2009 AIME I answers are posted here on AoPS.

By my standards, I failed with 3 (or 4?) careless mistakes:

  1. Incorrect. Sloppy thinking! 964 is geometric as well, not just 931.
  2. Correct. Silly algebra.
  3. Correct. Silly algebra. :)
  4. Correct. Silly geometry.
  5. Correct. Silly geometry!
  6. Correct. Close call, but caught myself thinking 4^3 = 4^4.
  7. Incorrect. Careless! I got to the end surprisingly quickly, finding that a_{n+1} = log_5{3n+5}, but in my excitement, instead of finding n for which 3n+5 equaled a power of 5, I found n = 5 for which 3n+5 equaled a multiple of 5 instead. ERGH.
  8. Incorrect. Careless. I screwed up simple addition.
  9. Incorrect. Counting problems murder me. Overcounted.
  10. Incorrect. This one wasn’t really a careless mistake. I knew that MVE had to repeat, so I thought about MVEMVEMVEMVEMVE and MMMMMVVVVVEEEEE but never considered something like MMVVEEMMMVVVEEE. eh I was just stupid.
  11. Correct. Easy for a #11.
  12. Unsolved.
  13. Unsolved.
  14. Unsolved.
  15. Unsolved.

for a total of 6 correct.

After crunching through the first 11 problems and checking (shame on me), I had 30 minutes left. Unfortunately, this was when a loud IT guy came in the room and tried to explain to the proctor how to reinstall MS Office on his MacBook; my concentration subsequently fell apart.

So an index of 100.5 (AMC 12A) + 60 = 160.5 this year. Progress from my 8th grade index of 139.5 (AMC 10B) + 70 = 209.5 is something I’d rather not think about anymore. :(

(but I will persevere and receive 138 + 110 = 248 next year!)

2009 AMC 12 A

This was just not my year. I forgot to bring a watch to the test site (first time ever that this has happened). I found myself half-panicking, skipping several problems lest I miss a chance at an easy problem at the end.

It didn’t work, of course. On #14, I chose C) 1/6 instead of B) -1/6. I was just stupid on #17. Numbers 15 and 19 were very easy but I didn’t try because they looked hard. Spending two or three more minutes on #25 would’ve gotten me the answer. I don’t know why I failed #16.

Goal: 114–132
Result (unofficial): 100.5

How in the world did I pull off a 139.5 AMC 10 and 7 AIME two years ago, back in 8th grade?

Edit: Took the AMC 12B at home (i.e., unofficially) and got 121.5. *wallbash*