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Why physics appeals to me

I really love space. Physics really takes one closer to space than does programming, which is why I considered myself a candidate for physics for most of the past year. Astrophysics; there’s an awesome field. It’s like the elegance of math played out by physics, the instrument.

Haha, I’m trying and failing to be profound.

I want to go to Titan.

And Enceladus.

I want to live on mars, and other worlds. Although it’s not as concrete as my other passions, I think my desire to explore space and my fascination of it is more sincere than any of my other interests. It’s a strange, deep-down thing. Programming is a more conscious interest, but my interest in space is.. heartfelt? I think it has to do with the fact that I am frustrated that I will not live to see the world a century from now. Of course, I can hope that sometime soon they will come up with ways to prolong life indefinitely, but I think I understand now
what they mean by wanting to know everything there is to know. Exploring space comes really close to that, and physics is one of the tools to do that.